Cask, Corks & Forks

Dry Red Wine Lovers, take note!  This Bordeaux style Red wine has a story just as complex as the winemaking process that goes into crafting these fine red wines. 

The Cask project began in 2010 with a concept to create a continual red blend from each of the winegrowers of the Grand River Valley.  Every year a percentage of the wine would be bottled and sold to make room for the following years harvest.  The date on the bottle represent the year it began “10” and then year it was bottled. 

Each winery uses a different 500 gallon oak barrel with Vinifera grapes.  Although the blends may be similar, the barrels are all different featuring French, American and Hungarian oak.  Not only are the barrels different but the winemakers all have their own innovative techniques that change the flavors and characteristics of the wine.    

Sample all five Cask Red blends and see for yourself at the annual Cask Tasting in September.

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